10 Dumbest Decisions In Sci-Fi Movie History

Dumbest "smart" people EVER.

Prometheus 2012

Suspension of disbelief is an important facet of any movie: it allows the audience to put their critical faculties on the back-burner and just enjoy the adventure for purely entertainment's sake.

But there are obviously hard limits to this faculty, as proven by the glut of movies that insulted the audience's intelligence by presenting absurdly logic-impaired characters doing totally idiotic things.

Counter to our recent rundown of the smartest decisions in sci-fi movie history, these are the character choices that made no sense at all, endangering themselves and others in the process while existing solely to keep the narrative on its firmly-set track.

Now, some of these movies are otherwise excellent enough that you can just about let the decision go, but in some cases it's a character choice so intimately entwined with the entire movie that it completely derails it.

There are only so many times you can observe a character doing the wrong thing before you start to check out mentally and disregard the film as anything more than a series of braindead, shiny images.

These dumb characters are by and large a testament to lazy, thoughtless writing in the pursuit of safe, snappy blockbuster thrills. Don't sci-fi fans deserve more?...


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