10 Dumbest Decisions In The Fast And Furious Saga

9. Hobbs Lets The Gang Go

Fast Five (2011) is a wild ride from beginning to end. Believable? No. In accordance with the laws of physics? No. But a wild ride nonetheless.

It is also the film that introduces the actor formerly known as The Rock to the series; and the one where, for better of worse, 'family' becomes the Fast & Furious motto.

At the film's conclusion, after Dom, Brian and co. have pulled off the heist of a large, heavy bank vault, dragging it through the middle of town behind a couple of pimped-up Dodge Chargers - and killing the bad guys - Hobbs (The Rock) lets them go, promising a 24-hour head start.

This is curious behaviour indeed from the take-no-prisoners lawman who spent the majority of the film hating Dom's guts and trying to bust the team by any means possible.

Having agreed that the one thing the team will not do is take the money, surprise surprise, they take the money. And, after finding the vault empty, Hobbs has a 'what are they like?' grin and a cheeky little laugh to himself, before sticking to his word and letting them go...

Sure, it's the money of a known drug lord and the corrupt police force, but deciding to put his career on the line for this team of professional criminals is by far one of the stupidest thing Hobbs does in the entire series.


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