10 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2020

10. Melanie Is Secretly Crazy - Fantasy Island


It's totally apt that one of 2020's stupidest movies also plays host to one of its most inane plot twists.

This horror-themed reimagining of the hit 1977 TV series Fantasy Island follows a group of strangers who visit the titular island, with the promise that their grandest fantasies will come true.

It doesn't take long for the wish fulfilment to turn weird and then deadly, leading to the howlingly ridiculous reveal that all of the events on the island have actually been the vengeful fantasy of just one person - protagonist Melanie (Lucy Hale).

As it turns out, all of the other guests were in some way involved in the accidental death of Nick (Evan Evagora), the object of her affection who she was supposed to go on a date with the night he died in an apartment fire.

Effectively, an insane Melanie wanted to get violent revenge on those who deprived her of Nick, though in an hilarious bout of comeuppance, one of the surviving guests then uses her own fantasy to "reunite" Melanie with her lost love.

At this point, a zombified Nick bursts out of the nearby water fountain and drags her into its depths. It may be a thoroughly dumb series of events, but at least it probably made you laugh.


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