10 Dumbest Villain Plans From Sci-Fi Movies

You're never going to conquer the galaxy like that.

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Science fiction has given us some of the greatest villains of all time.

Darth Vader, Hal 9000, Khan, The Terminator, those weird thumb people from Spy Kids. These are just a few of the excellent baddies that have appeared in sci-fi over the years.

But what makes a villain so memorable? A killer look? An awesome signature weapon? A cool catchphrase? These all help, but the core of a great antagonist is always their motivation.

There's no point in having the best-dressed villain in town if what they're doing makes absolutely no sense. A villain's plan is absolutely essential to their character and the story at large, which is why these guys flopped hard than ten tonne salmon.

So many of the following ten schemes were just not thought through enough. They really would have benefited from someone sitting down and going over them with one eye on the future. They were just so short-sighted.

Others though, others were just really silly. Like astronomically silly.

If you ever feel like you've screwed something up, then take comfort in knowing that some of the universe's greatest minds are also prone to mistakes every now and then.

10. Blowing Up The Earth As A Business Plan - Zorg (The Fifth Element)

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Despite having the most alien name to ever alien, Zorg is actually the main human antagonist of Luc Besson's The Fifth Element.

Played by Gary Oldman, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg - whose initials are J-BEZ, which is hilarious - is a powerful Earth-based businessman working with an extraterrestrial force known only as "The Great Evil".

Word of advice Zorg - maybe don't have dealings with people who have the word "Evil" literally in their name?

J-BEZ hires a group of mercenaries called the Mangalores to intercept a weapon meant to destroy the Great Evil. He does this because he... wants to help them blow up the Earth... the same planet that all his business is on... right...

Perhaps he's been offered a place at the top of whatever new society will form out of the ashes of the planet, but Zorg is so far beneath the Great Evil that he has to know they'll dispose of him as soon as the job is done.

For a supposedly smart man, J-BEZ makes the worst decision of his life getting into bed with these guys. Ok, second worst decision after that combover.

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