10 Dumbest Villain Plans From Sci-Fi Movies

9. They Already Hate Superheroes, You Dummy! - Screenslaver (The Incredibles 2)

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Fourteen long years after the Parr family first graced the big screen, The Incredibles returned for a sequel.

Instead of a bratty ex-fan taking the stage as the villain, the family of supers must take on Screenslaver, a tech savvy baddie who uses screens to brainwash people.

Insert joke about people already being brainwashed by screens here.

As revealed later in the movie, Screenslaver is actually Evelyn Deaver, the sister of the man who hired The Incredibles in the first place.

Evelyn seeks revenge against superheroes, as one failed to save her father's life when she was younger. Using her mind control technology, she plans to use superpowered slaves to cause massive destruction, tarnishing their reputation for good.

One small problem there, Evelyn. Their reputation was already tarnished.

This film opens with The Incredibles accidentally causing so much collateral damage that the US government shuts down the Superhero Relocation Programme.

Evelyn had already won! And she hadn't even done anything!

You could argue that this would have been the final nail in the coffin for supes, but it was a lot of work to achieve something that had already been achieved.

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