10 Fake-Out Movie Deaths Nobody Believed

Don't cry for these guys.

The Dark Night Jim Gordon Gary Oldman
Warner Bros.

In recent blockbuster cinema, there has been a noticeable trend of shoehorning in plot twists and perhaps the most common example of such twists is the fake-out death. Frankly, this is an enormously irritating plot device and it usually doesn't work.

A fake-out movie death is VERY hard to get right and while some movies, such as Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and some of the Saw films do fake-out deaths well, they are in the minority.

Most of the time, viewers will immediately see the twist coming, so it's a mystery as to why blockbusters keep doing them. In particular, these following ten examples are a perfect display of exactly how not to do a fake-out death...

10. Suicide Squad - The Joker

The Dark Night Jim Gordon Gary Oldman
Warner Bros.

Suicide Squad's treatment of the Joker was pretty shocking overall. Not only was he barely in it, but he was involved in an entirely pointless fake-out death halfway through that kept him off-screen for even longer.

During the Suicide Squad's mission, the Joker and his men arrive to rescue the Joker's lover, Harley Quinn, but their helicopter is shot down and the Joker is presumed dead. At the very end of the film he returns and breaks Harley Quinn out of prison.

Even though the fact that he was able to survive a helicopter crash of that nature is completely bewildering, it's safe to say no-one believed for a second that the Joker was really dead. After all, he's pretty much the most iconic and beloved DC Comics villain.

Even for a film as incompetent as Suicide Squad, to kill off a character of the Joker's stature so quickly would've been utter madness.

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