10 Famous Actor Pairings You Didn't Realise Hated One Another In Real Life

6. Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing

Even over a quarter of a century after the release of Dirty Dancing, it remains a beloved chick flick in the hearts of many. The shy, self-conscious Jennifer Grey finding love in the arms of bad boy ruffian Patrick Swayze is a tale for ages of sighing romantics, but tensions were high while filming some of the movie€™s most iconic scenes. Swayze and Grey had previously starred together in 1984€™s Red Dawn, where their dislike for one another began to take root. During the filming of Dirty Dancing, Swayze writes in his autobiography, Grey was a royal pain; her emotional capriciousness on set was exhausting to deal with. According to him, Grey would burst into tears at the slightest criticism and would get into €œsilly moods" and disrupt filming by laughing too much, leading to friction between the romantic hero and his leading lady. In fact, the lake lift scene, one of the best-loved in the film, was the most troublesome tribulation for Swayze: it was horrifically cold in the water, wet people are heavy, and seemingly endless takes were shot, since the two couldn't get it right. However, Swayze and Grey had since put aside their differences, with Swayze writing that Grey had in many ways €œmade the movie.€ After all, nobody puts Baby in the... sorry, I€™ll stop there.

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