10 Famous Actor Pairings You Didn't Realise Hated One Another In Real Life

5. Marlon Brando & Frank Sinatra - Guys and Dolls

It seems that singer and actor extraordinaire Frank Sinatra needs things to be €œmy way€ or he€™s not quite as much of a gentleman as one might think. On the set of 1955€™s musical Guys and Dolls, Sinatra and co-star Marlon Brando were constantly at odds, with Sinatra criticising Brando€™s performance and musical ability (which Brando himself admitted was reminiscent of a hormonal yak) at every turn. When Brando approached Sinatra to work on their musical numbers together, a disdainful Sinatra spurned both him and €œthat Method crap.€ Sinatra thought that he should have been cast as Sky Masterson, Brando€™s romantic lead role; adding insult to injury was the fact that Sinatra was allegedly passed over in favour of Brando for 1954€™s On the Waterfront, for which Brando won an Oscar. But Brando eventually got his comeuppance while filming the scene where their two characters meet in a restaurant booth with Sinatra€™s character eating a slice of cheesecake. The story goes, Brando intentionally flubbed his lines for fun for eight takes just to watch Sinatra eat eight slices of cheesecake to the point where he was both very angry and more than a little sick. The next day of shooting, Brando said the lines perfectly. Revenge, it appears, is a dish best served nauseatingly sweet and New-York-style.

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