10 Famous Actor Pairings You Didn't Realise Hated One Another In Real Life

4. Tommy Lee Jones & Jim Carrey - Batman Forever

Perhaps best-remembered for being the last not-God-awful Batman flick before Christopher Nolan took over the franchise, and is widely regarded, despite the whole nipples fiasco, as €˜not that bad.€™ On the flip side, director Joel Schumacher has said of making Batman Forever, €œI€™m tired of defending overpaid, privileged actors. I pray I don€™t work with them again.€ Ouch. While this seems a harsh appraisal at first, it€™s not altogether unjust: Schumacher had to deal with not only the €œchildish and impossible€ Val Kilmer as the caped crusader, but also Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, as the Riddler and Two-Face respectively, who allegedly had quite a beef with one another. While little has been said by the two publicly, Schumacher called Jones a €œbully€ after shooting wrapped, and claiming that Jones felt threatened by Carrey (who was a €œperfect gentleman"). Carrey has also said that Tommy Lee Jones scared the hell out of him, but so will anyone who€™s been in a room with the actor for longer than about thirty seconds. Stories vary, and the myth has exceeded the men by now, but it€™s said that Jones disdained Carrey for his goofy persona and comedy background (and allegedly refusing to have lunch at the same table as him), and that the antagonistic duo consistently tried to steal scenes from one another while shooting. In any case, it seems now we know the real reason behind Batman Forever€™s campy overacting.

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