10 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About John Wick

9. The Franchise's Body Count Is Huge

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As you'd expect of a contract killer with John Wick's reputation, the more warmed up he gets, the more dead bodies are left on the streets for The Cleaners of his world to make a tidy, gold coin profit on. However, this body count has only skyrocketed as the series has worn on.

After John Wick retired from being retired to kill those responsible for his puppy's death, his first feature film racked up a total of 91 corpses.

Not a bad return for Baba Yaga, but we all knew he could do better, and as he was pulled further back into the world he had once escaped in John Wick: Chapter 2, the body count rose to a whopping 119, including the 2 deaths by pencil shown on screen, bringing John's pencil kill count to 5 (that we know of).

Finally, for Parabellum, the assassin world would see a loss of 167 people, with Mr Wick incorporating the use of horses, motorbike crashes, dogs, and a library book to send his would-be killers to the grave.

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