10 Film Parodies Better Than The Original

9. Scary Movie

Ghostface Scary Movie
Dimension Films

Original Movie: Scream

Now I know I started this list with an intro berating what parody movies have become in recent years and that trend can be traced back to the first Scary Movie. But the sins of the son are not the sins of the farther and although Scary Movie had 4 disappointing sequels the first one holds up as a solid parody of the slasher film Scream.

Scream was already kind of a parody of slasher movies, so there was little satirizing the Wayne’s brothers could do with scary movie, except of course go the opposite route turning a clever and ironic movie into a stupid, gross and over the top one.

What the two films share is they both pushed the boundaries when they came out. Scream was as innovative as it was violent and Scary Movie was so crude and relentless in its jokes that people were shocked it only got an R rating. Let's clarify that Scary Movie was so shocking in its humour people thought it should have a harsher rating than the horror film it was parodying.

Scary Movie is not for everyone, there are people who prefer their comedy subtle and snarky. But if you’re the sort of person who finds people falling over funny (and there’s nothing wrong with that), then this big in your face parody is for you.


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