10 Film Scenes That Broke The Camera

9. Abigail Fires An Arrow - Blade: Trinity

Oppenheimer Florence Pugh
New Line Cinema

Late in the third Blade movie, Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) puts her God-tier archery skills to good use, firing a barrage of arrows at her foes including the ultimate antagonist Drake (Dominic Purcell).

While filming the sequence, however, Biel - who had trained extensively in archery for the role - fired an arrow square into the camera lens, the force causing the arrow to smash through the lens and embed itself roughly six inches into the camera body.

According to filmmaker David S. Goyer this totalled the camera and cost the production around $300,000 in damages, though in a glorious behind-the-scenes video of the accident, both he and Biel seem rather amused about it.

It's an expensive mistake for a shot lasting only around a second or so, but also such an impressive feat on Biel's part - especially as she was firing from around 40 feet away - that it's tough not to respect it. She did the work.


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