10 Forgotten Horror Movie Scream Queens

4. Adrienne Barbeau 

Bette Davis Whatever Happened To Baby Jane 1962
Warner Bros.

This lucky lady has made 3 films with then-husband John Carpenter, as well as starring for Wes Craven, George Romero and Dario Argento.

Beginning with 1978's made-for-TV masterpiece Someone's Watching Me! Barbeau began a new path that endeared her forever to a whole new audience. This movie was quickly followed by a starring turn in Carpenter's The Fog wherein she enticed us with her smoky radio voice and fought some worm-faced specters.

1982 saw Barbeau toil in the Louisiana swamps in Wes Craven's cult comic adaption Swamp Thing. That same year George Romero cast her in the Creepshow segment "The Crate." Barbeau hams it up as a drunkard wife who pushes her husband to his limit and is fed to "Fluffy" the gorilla-creature.

Open House came in 1986, with Barbeau taking on the "final girl" role in the low budget slasher. The actress has never spoken of this project except to say "I had bills to pay."

She rounded out the decade with a turn in the 1990 Italian anthology Two Evil Eyes. Directed by Romero and Dario Argento, Barbeau plays a counterpoint to her Creepshow role as a woman that murders her wealthy husband.

In more recent years Adrienne has continued to make guest appearances capitalizing on her horror caliber. She narrated 2017's Tales of Halloween and had a guest spot opposite Tobin Bell in the 2019 revamp of Creepshow. However we'd love to see her take the lead once more!


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