10 God-Awful Horror Films (With Amazing Kills)

8. Old

Piranha 3D Derrick

M. Night's Shyamalan's Old centres around a group of vacationers trapped on a beach that causes them to age rapidly. Realising they'll shrivel to dust within a day, the ensemble do all they can to escape.

Old is exactly what you'd expect from Shyamalan - a promising set-up ultimately let down by... Shyamalanisms. We got wacky characters, wacky character names like Mid-Sized Sedan, an abundance of forced exposition, children discussing mortgages, and way too many references to the 1976 western, The Missouri Breaks.

Having said that, every death in this underwhelming thriller is highly effective. It's chilling to watch Agnes wither to a skeleton within minutes. Patricia's seizure is so convincing, you'd swear the actress had a fit for real. The way the rusted metal infects Charles's body withins seconds is freaky (and kind of cool).

But the most disturbing moment has to be what happens to Chrystal. Due to her hypocalcemia, Chrystal suffers from brittle bones. After she breaks her arm, the bone mends itself at superspeed, causing it to jut out unevenly. Flailing in pain, Chrystal shatters all her limbs, forcing them to heal disproportionally. By the time Chrystal dies, her Cronenberg-like physique is guaranteed to give you nightmares.


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