10 Goriest Films Of All Time

tokyo gore police Gore is a very versatile thing in the film world. It can add a degree of realism to a film, it can add horror to a film, it can max out the gross factor of a film, and finally, it can be so darn OTT and ridiculous, it can add humour to a film. Most horror film fans like a taste of good strong gore with their movies. It is not necessary to have it in a horror film, but it can make a movie enjoyable if it is well played by the director. For example, I love the Final Destination series for its gory inventive death scenes. That is why I watch the franchise. But there are much more gory things out there than Final Destination. I have wracked my brains to give you ten of the goriest films ever made. There are definitely more gory films out there (Japanese horror films, I am looking in your direction) but hopefully you will enjoy my choice cuts below. I would love to hear about your own gory delights below...

10. Re-Animator (1985)

Re Animator Herbert West is the mad scientist in this film, who has learnt his skills in Switzerland and is now in America. He has perfected a serum that reanimates dead tissue and he wants to go further than testing it on animals. Professor West decides to implement his experiments on human beings with gory and amusing consequences. Re-Animator manages to be very gory and very funny at the same time. It is a terrific little horror movie which is so different than the slice and dice films made routinely in the horror film industry. Re-Animator is a clever, self mocking movie which parodies a lot of films in its run (the music score at the beginning is reminiscent of Bernard Hermann's score to Psycho). The gore is extreme (as well as the nudity) as Professor Herbert West runs amok in his laboratory, creating dead things that do not often have benign intentions. Highly satisfying for gore hounds and a treat for genre fans.

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