10 Greatest Ever Stoner Movies

After all, anything's possible if you're high enough.

It's almost like a genre unto itself - stoner movies. While not quite an official category, there are more than a few treasured films which fall into this band. 

What does it take to make it into this category? It's pretty wide spread, not being an official genre and all, but it usually means that cannabis is either getting as much screen time as the film's cast, or it's a central device for driving the plot on.

It is almost a fine art -balancing the ridiculous with a semi-reality, and still pulling off some classic one-liners. Sure, a lot of these films may heavily rely on cheap gags, but that's what makes them great.

In the same way that Christmas cracker jokes are terrible so everyone understands them, these films rely on material which everyone will find funny - making for some universally loved films. With genuine laugh out loud moments, these films have some of the most memorable scenes in, not just stoner history, but film. 

So as the days get longer and warmer, we want to help you relax with a few film choices - all of which are genuinely funny, even when sober - although admittedly they're better if you're not.


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