10 Greatest Movie Opening Scenes Of All Time

9. UP

http://youtu.be/F2bk_9T482g Many of you will probably be complaining right about now that this very famous opening scene from recent times features too low on this list. Yes, it is a great scene and yes, it is an extremely powerful opening to a children's movie but personally, as much as I do really like it, I do also believe this very scene is somewhat overrated. Overrated in the sense that, though it is great, it isn't the best opening to a movie of all time- as much as many people would argue otherwise. It's concept is actually really very simple and not all that imaginative- though I can't argue how effective this scene is. The scene shows the central characters marriage to his wife, and in this montage, features every important moment from their life together until his wife passes away and he is left all alone at the end. Still , despite not being as blown away by this scene as many others, I still think it warrants a place on this list and I still fight back a tear everytime I see it. It is also the perfect opening to his movie, but unfortunately for the rest of the film, it is all down hill from here. The is not another scene quite like this one in the rest of UP.
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