10 Hated Movies (That Deserve A Second Chance)

10. Alien 3 (1992)

20th Century Fox

Everybody knows that sequels in the movie industry are hard to complete. If you are lucky, they can sometimes end up pretty good, and in some cases even better than the original, take the Godfather 2 for example. Sadly, this kind of success doesn't quite stretch to the third installment, with threequels often bombing beyond belief.

A good example of this comes in the form of Alien 3. Sure, the first one was incredible, a twist on an already stale movie concept that somehow managed to rejuvenate the whole genre. Plus, it was directed by the legendary Ridley Scott. Then, James Cameron came along and made an equally entertaining/terrifying movie with exactly the same thrills and chills as the first installment. When it was announced that number 3 was in the works, the world got excited. Who would direct this time? George Lucas? Tony Scott? Maybe even the great Stephen Speilberg? Nope, this time it was the little known director, David Fincher.

In the end, nobody hated the film more than Fincher did. In fact, he later disowned the movie claiming that producers didn't give him enough trust. Although the movie did reasonably well at the box office, it is often referred to as the worst out of the franchise. Yet in reality, it is actually one of the best.

Firstly, Fincher has such an iconic personal aesthetic, making Alien 3 by far the most stunning in terms of creativity. This type of creativity can also be seen in his future work such as Seven and Fight Club, but it is still kind of cool to see how that developed. Secondly, Alien 3 is bleak. Sure the other movies aren't exactly sunshine and roses but the movie has a sort of nihilistic gloom that really pushes the film into something new and unique. If you like auteurism then Alien 3 is the perfect example of a director finding their voice.


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