10 Hidden DVD & Blu-Ray Horror Movie Easter Eggs You Need To Find

9. The Nostromo Crew's Personnel Records - Alien

The Ring Video

During Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) debrief at the start of James Cameron's sequel Aliens, you might recall that personnel files for the members of the Nostromo are projected on a screen behind Ripley.

Though these files appear too fleetingly for fans to make much sense of them, various home video releases of the original Alien have included the files in Easter egg form.

On the Collector's Edition of Alien, the main menu contains a glass panel to the left of the list of navigation options. Select the panel and you'll be able to cycle through the personnel records for each crew member.

Rather than mere throwaway character bios, though, these files actually reveal fascinating tidbits about each member of the team.

For instance, Kane (John Hurt) was expelled from medical school after abusing drugs, and perhaps most surprisingly, Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) was actually born male and subsequently had her gender reassigned to female.

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