10 Hidden DVD & Blu-Ray Horror Movie Easter Eggs You Need To Find

8. Chucky's Secret Messages - Child's Play

The Ring Video

Owners of the "Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition" DVD of Child's Play can find themselves an amusing trio of hidden messages from the killer doll - each voiced by the legendary Brad Dourif himself no less.

For the first message, select "play feature" on the DVD's main menu, and then press the left arrow. This will illuminate Chucky's eyes red, so press enter and you'll see a brief video clip of a CGI Chucky telling you, "Chucky's back, b*tches."

Next up, go to the Special Features menu, move right of the audio commentary options and, again, select Chucky's red eyes. This time, Chucky will say, "I'm the original designer toy."

And finally, visit the second page on the Special Features menu and press right. Select Chucky's eyes once more, and he'll exclaim, "Hi, evil comes in little packages, like me."

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