10 High Budget Horror Movies With Terrible CGI

9. Deep Blue Sea

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Deep Blue Sea is a triumphantly unashamed disaster of a movie, which is likely why the flick featuring genetically-enhanced sharks is so universally adored by horror fans.

The film is just as ludicrously ridiculous as it sounds; the sharks have larger brains as a result of the misguided work of scientists conducting Alzheimer's-related research. Said super sharks gleefully rampage through a damaged underwater facility, chomping through the unfortunate humans left trapped inside in the usual spurts of crimson gore.

Viewers do a double take when they see Pulp Fiction alum Samuel L. Jackson, appear on-screen as Russell Franklin, an executive sent in to assess the facility. The automatic assumption was that one of cinema's more notable badasses would take the reins and send these motherf*cking sharks in this motherf*cking facility packing, but viewers were proved sorely mistaken in one of the more dismal examples of CGI within the genre. Franklin meets his demise as he is devoured, mid-inspirational speech, by a creature more closely resembling Bruce from Finding Nemo than a genetically engineered apex predator.

The depressing thing is, the scenes that utilize animatronic sharks look absolutely sensational, especially when one considers the time that the movie was released. Regrettably, a large portion of the tension built up by these scenes quickly dissolves when one of the substandard cartoonish versions of the sharks pops up onscreen. While Deep Blue Sea remains a sleeper classic of the genre, it is hard not to wistfully imagine what might have been had the computer generated scenes reflected the film's budget of roughly $70 million.

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