10 Highest Grossing Sci-Fi Films Of All Time (Adjusted For Inflation)

8. Independence Day

20th Century Fox


ORIGINAL BOX OFFICE: $817.4 million

It's easy to forget just how important Independence Day was in 1996. Not only did it become the highest grossing film of the year, almost earning double the amount of the second highest grossing film Twister, but it was responsible for the resurgence of sci-fi which had been dying out by the mid-90s.

If not for its ill-fated 2016 sequel Independence Day: Resurgence it would have been one of only two films on the list to not have spawned a franchise. Alas, the sequel exists much to the chagrin of audiences and critics alike who neglected and slated it in equal measure.

However, the original 1996 film managed fared better and still holds the number 8 spot in highest grossing sci-fi films of all time (once adjusted for inflation) with a mighty $1.7 billion.


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