10 Hilariously Obvious Stunt Doubles Who Ruined Their Scenes

5. Tremors

Tremors Bacon

Not in fact a still from Footloose, this wonderfully energetic still comes from the excellent Tremors, and on not-very-close inspection features a charlatan posing as Kevin Bacon.

While he has the loose-hips and gangly legs of Footloose-era Bacon down to a tee, his face needs some work, and the costume director clearly put his badly-made wig on backwards, before sending him out on step to complete a dangerous-looking slight jump through the air that was obviously well beyond Bacon's own limitations as an actor.

Gender-labelling this stranger is a difficult prospect, considering the androgynous hair, and the fancy cowboy boots, but then, the same could probably be said of Kevin Bacon throughout the 1980s and for a big chunk of the 90s.


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