10 Hilariously Terrible Translations Of Famous Movie Titles

10. Step Up Is Called "Sexy Dance" In France

Lions Gate Entertainment

There's a stereotype of the French as beret wearing, cigarette smoking sex obsessives. Now, as someone who is half French myself, I can tell you that isn't true. There are plenty of perfectly ordinary French people out there. But what I can say is the ordinary French populace aren't the ones who name their movies.

You have to assume someone with sex on their mind chose to name the Channing Tatum dance epic Step Up "Sexy Dance". That's in English, by the way. They could have called it "Le Danse Sexsuelle" but instead they chose to do away with the English language title and replace it...with another English language title.

They've stuck with the stupid title for all the sequels, so I'm hoping that one day we'll get to see a sequel called Step Up: Sexy Dance if only because the French will call it "Sexy Dance: Sexy Dance".


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