10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

From Hereditary to The Shining, horror has had some truly brutal deaths that weren't deserved!

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Given the surge of popularity in the genre, people now know what to expect from a horror movie. No matter the type of horror film you’re watching, you there are some things you just know will happen: scary things, dread, horror, and more likely than not, the fact that one of the characters you’re sharing this thrill ride with will be dead by the end of the movie.

Characters in horror movies have developed quite the habit of dying, with some being far more memorable than others. However, did some of these deaths have to be quite so, well, horrific?

In this list, we’ll be commemorating the sorry sods that not only bit the dust in a horror movie but did so in a way that was pretty damn unfair.

Granted, a truly vile piece of work might meet their sticky end in a nasty way, but it almost hurts when a decent character gets killed off in a truly violent manner. These were the ones that were the most unfairly brutal.

10. Sang Hwa - Train To Busan

Alien Covenant Prometheus
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After 28 Days Later kicked off the notion of the ‘fast zombie’ in 2002, Train to Busan revitalised it and turned it into a wholly fresh and terrifying story fourteen years later.

Train to Busan is a fast paced, tightly knit tale of a zombie outbreak in South Korea that masterfully combines horror and genuinely fantastic character development. One of the fleshed out (if you’d pardon the turn of phrase) characters who audiences grew to love was the tough-as-nails Sang-Hwa.

A father to be with a strong sense of justice, and some kickass zombie-busting moves, Sang-Hwa seemed to be someone who could easily make it to the end of the film.

However, it was that sense of justice that ended up being his downfall. Heroic Sang-Hwa sacrifices himself to save a group of other survivors, succumbing to the zombie virus that he spent much of the movie fighting against.

A brutal death that was certainly not deserved.


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