10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

9. Lee Abbott - A Quiet Place

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What could’ve easily been just John Krasinski’s passion project became one of the best horror films of the decade, as 2018’s A Quiet Place brought the horror and heartfelt drama in buckets.

The story follows the Abbott family, after the world has been taken over by aliens that hunt via sound, living in a world without noise in order to survive. Communicating through sign language, walking on paths of sand, and avoiding the malicious extra-terrestrials at all costs.

At the head of the family is Lee, played by Krasinski himself – a caring, practical, and devoted father who prioritises his family above all else. The audience admire him as a good dad, a clever survivor, and a loving husband. The complete package really!

However, similarly to Sang-Hwa of the previous entry, Lee’s strengths are the cause of his death. When his children are being attacked by one of the aliens, Lee lets out an anguished scream to save them, alerting the creature to his presence to distract it long enough for his kids to escape.

Thankfully, the camera doesn’t linger on Lee’s presumably gruesome death as that would be too much for audiences to handle.


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