10 Horror Movie Characters Who Got Undeservedly Brutal Deaths

8. Elizabeth Shaw - Alien: Covenant

Alien Covenant Prometheus
20th Century Fox

Prometheus was like marmite; some loved it and some hated it. However it was universally agreed that protagonist Elizabeth Shaw (played brilliantly by Noomi Rapace) was a badass, smart and capable main character who we all wanted to see more of.

That sort of happened in the sequel, Alien: Covenant.

One half of the Michael Fassbender android duo in the movie, David, informs crew members of the Covenant that Shaw died in a spaceship crash. Bit annoying that such a cool character died without being given a proper on-screen sendoff...

However, as David's deceptive and cruel nature is revealed - the audience learns that not only did the cold hearted droid purposefully decimate the Engineer population, but he murdered Shaw too.

In order to create the perfect organism, David was essentially playing God without caring for casualties. Shaw was one such casualty; her body found split open by a chest burster and experimented upon by David himself.

Casual and long-time fans of the Alien saga know how painful that experience is, and given that Shaw was far from deserving of such a fate, it was made all the more brutal.


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