10 Horror Movie Characters Whose Personalities Suddenly Changed In Sequels

9. Chucky - Child's Play 2

Child S Play 2

Child's Play gave the world one of the most original and popular horror movie villains of all time - murderous Good Guy doll Chucky (Brad Dourif).

Even with the premise being so inherently ridiculous, Chucky is a serious piece of work in the first film, and once he learns that he needs to transfer his soul into the first human he revealed himself to - six-year-old Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) - he doesn't waste much time trying to complete the ritual.

Chucky fails, of course, but is resurrected for Child's Play 2, where temporary death has apparently turned him into a bit of an idiot.

Though Chucky again attempts to transfer his soul into Andy's body, the staggering lack of urgency on his part makes no sense at all, routinely diverting to kill people, screw around, and basically do anything but complete the task at hand.

This is all while Chucky is acutely aware of a ticking clock which will keep him trapped in the doll body if he doesn't soon complete the ritual. And alas, at film's end the spell fails because - shocker - Chucky's spent too long as the doll.

Considering how ruthlessly efficient Chucky was in the first film, he's comparatively stupid in the sequel, presumably because Child's Play 2 wouldn't be much of a movie if Chucky just got on with it.


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