10 Horror Movie Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

8. Turn On The Oven - The Visit

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The Visit opens with teenage siblings, Becca and Tyler, heading to Philadelphia to stay with their grandparents, who've they never met.

Although Becca thinks her Nana and Pop Pop are pleasant at first, she gets worried when they start acting increasingly volatile. So, when Nana asks Becca to get inside the oven to clean it, she's understandably cautious. Although the viewer suspects Nana will do something sinister, the scene ends with Becca unharmed.

However, any horror fan will suspect this oven scene was mere foreshadowing. Sure enough, Nana asks Becca to clean the oven from the inside once again during the climax. By this point, we know the elderly couple are simply posing as the kids' grandparents and intend the children harm. Because of this, viewers are certain Nana will switch on the oven while Becca is inside so she can roast her alive.

So, when Nana slams the oven door shut while Becca is inside, you assume she'll turn up the heat. Instead, she cleans the exterior before letting Becca out.

Because the director had no intention of giving this moment any payoff, you have to wonder why he set it up, not once but twice!


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