10 Horror Movie Moments Everyone Was Waiting For (That Never Happened)

9. No Showdown With The Main Villain - The Invisible Man

Alien Covenant Prometheus

In The Invisible Man, Cecilia has grown tired of being abused by her partner, Adrian Griffin, which encourages her to leave him. When Adrian seemingly takes his life soon after, Cecilia feels like she can finally be at peace.

But after Cecilia and her friends are attacked by an unseen force, she realises Adrian is pursuing her while wearing a light-cancelling suit that renders him invisible. No one believes Cecilia, causing her to become alienated from her friends and eventually locked up in a psychiatric ward.

When her invisible stalker comes for Cecilia, she kills him, and tears off his mask. To Cecilia's confusion, she discovers her tormentor is Adrian's brother, Tom. When the police storm Adrian's home, they find him alive, claiming he has been held prisoner by his sibling.

Although the cops accept this explanation, Cecilia is convinced the Griffin brothers took turns stalking her while wearing the cloaking device. Pretending to take Adrian back, Cecilia agrees to have dinner with him. Using the invisibility suit she stole earlier, Cecilia slits Adrian's throat, making his death look like a suicide.

Although Cecilia battles an invisible man in the climax, there's no such showdown with Adrian, which is odd, considering he's the main antagonist.


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