10 Horror Movies That Were Way Weirder Than Advertised

8. The Platform

Army Of The Dead

Trailers for Spanish sci-fi horror The Platform hinted towards weirdness incarnate, but nothing could prepare viewers for the movie's strangeness upon release.

Depicting a dystopian reality, The Platform takes place in an enormous tower block building. The residents are assigned two to a floor and are randomly allocated to a new level every month - it's luck of the draw where they end up.

This would have little relevance but for their only source of sustenance - a gigantic slab carrying an extravagant feast that descends through the tower once a day, stopping for two minutes on each level. Any attempts to keep the food are instantly punished, with the inhabitants subjected to fatal temperatures.

Rather unsurprisingly in the midst of such an environment, proceedings descend into chaotic anarchy in short order. Audiences might have thought they were prepared for The Platform's horrors, but nobody said anything about just how weird the array of vivid hallucinations, empathetic cannibalism or pet dogs being devoured for sustenance were going to prove.

Frankly, matters have gotten so strange by the time The Platform finally touches down on the bottom level that you may find yourself questioning whether the film isn't just one gigantic, horrifying metaphor.

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