10 Horror Movies That Were So Unscary It Actually Hurt

8. The Ghoulies (1985)

The Ghoulies Incredibly lame Gremlins' rip off which didn't possess an ounce of the charm or frights from that film. A contrived plot features Jonathan inheriting an ancestral mansion and discovering he is descended from a long line of Satanists. For some reason he can conjure up 'Ghoulies' - little monsters that do his evil bidding. The famous film poster of a ghoulie emerging from a loo that was used to advertise the film, is the only remotely amusing thing about the movie. Whereas Gremlins looked scary, Ghoulies just look silly. There is absolutely nothing remotely scary about the film in any shape or form. The Ghoulies themselves don't even appear in the film until the 40 minute mark. I know it is not a pure horror - it is a horror-comedy - but the ineptitude in the comedy stakes is so pronounced, you could watch the whole film without even cracking the tiniest smirk the whole way through. So the film is unfunny and unscary at the same time. One for 1980s cheese enthusiasts only.

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