10 Horror Movies Where Everyone Dies

8. Cabin Fever

28 Weeks Later

Whilst some critics pandered Cabin Fever as a stereotypical horror film that treaded to closely to humour, it deserves to be respected as a darkly comic homage to low-budget horrors and gory bonanzas that came before it. You know when you’re watching a film by Hostel’s Eli Roth that things are going to get bloody and get bloody fast.

The film follows a group of college teens escaping the stresses of college life by spending Spring Break in a remote cabin in the woods (who needs beaches when you can have desolate horror cabins?!). As they enjoy their holiday of debauchery, an infectious disease carried by a tainted water supply is being spread by less than accommodating locals and eventually between the survivors. One by one, each of the cabin goers is taken out by this infection that appears to be sexually transmitted.

By the finale, only drunken coward Jeff remains, who had hidden and drank off-screen for a solid portion of the movie. Perhaps the only final death on this list that audiences found satisfying, an initially devastated but now celebratory Jeff is dispatched by the corrupt Sheriff. Meanwhile, the townsfolk begin to sell lemonade and a truck filled with tainted water drives away, leaving us to pessimistically think who will be infected next.


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