10 Horror Movies Where Everyone Dies

7. The Final Destination Series

28 Weeks Later
New Line Cinema

Yes this is another series, but YOU try separating these mousetrap-like deaths that grow in spectacle every time and tell me which one should make this list. HOWEVER, Final Destinations 1 and 2 must be disqualified, as there are a handful of survivors canonically left alive by the time the credits roll.

Luckily, these films follow exactly the same three step plot: protagonist has vision, vision saves people, death is PISSED. Where the variety and most definitely the watchability comes from is both the different initial deadly disaster and the various ways death rights the wrongs. In the final three movies, the disasters are a gnarly rollercoaster crash, an insane NASCAR pileup, and a terrifying bridge collapse. Meanwhile, each film’s survivors are saved by the clairvoyance of Wendy, Nick and Sam respectively.

In extremely entertaining fashion, one by one the survivors are killed by “natural” accidents (HEAVY emphasis on the term “natural” is here), such as car crashes, botched eye surgery and a rogue lawnmower and stone (seriously). However, the cherry on top of this ridiculously extravagant death cake is that, when each group of final survivors think they’ve outplayed death, they are proved very wrong.

Firstly, the remaining rollercoaster crew are thrown mercilessly from a runaway subway cart. Next, our NASCAR buddies are hit by a massive truck whilst sipping coffees. Finally, our bridge brigade board the same flight that crashes to start off the franchise. No-one cheats death.


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