10 Horror Movies Where Everyone Dies

6. Quarantine

28 Weeks Later
Sony Pictures

So, here’s the thing for this entry: Quarantine and its Spanish predecessor REC are essentially the same film in two different languages. Because of this, the original REC is the superior film. However, for those that want to watch a horror film without having to translate, Quarantine is a more than adequate English counterpart. Both are harrowing found-footage films that get progressively more chilling, but for this list, Quarantine has the advantage of leaving no survivors.

Both films follow a camera crew and their subject, a firefighting station, as they are called out to an emergency in an apartment building and, once they find themselves there, are locked inside before they can complete their job. Once there, they slowly but surely find the apartment building ravaged with infected, rabid residents who want to infect and kill anything in its path.

It’s the first Zombie movie to make it to the list so far, and it certainly won’t be the last. One by one, the fighters, crew and remaining residents are taken out all whilst Angela and her cameraman film in shocked horror. Eventually, they are cornered in the penthouse building by a spine-tingling creature that butchers the cameraman and, in the film’s final shot, drags a sobbing Angela to her demise.


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