10 Incredible Sci-Fi Movie Universes We Need More Of

8. The Matrix

Atari Inc.

Praise be! Another entry of the Matrix franchise is on its way, with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and one half of the director duo, Lana Wachowski returning. This wild sci-fi wowed audiences back in 99’, and introduced the John Wu styled over-the-top gun action to mainstream western audiences.

Simulations, killer robots, evil viruses, the chosen one. The Matrix is filled to the brim with devilishly grimy sci-fi, and despite its muddled ending, it’s a universe that has left us all eager to download kung-fu and dodge bullets in slow motion once again.

Story aside, audiences will be clamouring for the slick modern version of the elaborate fight scenes and action set-pieces that the franchise is known for. While the Wachowskis have had a few misses in sci-fi with Sense 8, Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending, we sit with fingers crossed that Lana can deliver a fitting extension of a world we will have waited eighteen years for, when it finally comes around.


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