10 Insane Movie Fan Theories That Sort Of Make Sense

alienssignssized There€™s something completely psychotic and beautiful about the sort of people who come up with the theories of movie lore that make the stories that wrap around them so much more interesting and wonderful. Every time here, the theories make sense, and a lot of it completely figures into the organic lore of the film. That being said, there are some truly off-the-wall ones, and those are easily the more fun ones. Be they there for fixing anachronisms or for completely giving a new appreciation to the more obscure questions posed by these films, a movie fan€™s way of expanding the mythology of their favorite films is a medal of pure honor. I have stayed far away from theories revolving around Star Wars or The Matrix because for one, there are thousands of them, and two, I don€™t have the brainpower going to be able to understand them because for as complex and inventive as the Matrix films are, their fans are even more complex, by thousands of psychograms (the imaginary British unit of measurement of complexity and insanity).

Honourable Mention: War of the Worlds Is The Sequel To E.T.

ET This is one of the lesser known theories of film, and it hasn€™t picked up a ton of traction, but it was so entertaining to me I had to talk about it. It says that in the Spielberg universe, the films ET and War of the Worlds happen in the same universe. The theory states that although Elliot helped his alien friend in the 80s leave Earth and go back home, ET was actually an alien sent down to Earth to make sure it is good to be invaded, and would not have been able to send news that Earth can be invaded if not for the help of the little boy on his bike. ET then takes the long travel to his home planet and the long travel back again to Earth in the 23 years between the two movies, where they then proceed to invade Earth. It makes the newer film much more darkly comedic, and the older film somehow€more poignant. And the Asylum€™s War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave is the sequel to Mac and Me.
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