10 Insultingly Bad Video Game Movie Characters

Just... WHAT?!


Video game movies are notoriously hard to get right. As a matter of fact, there hasn't been a single good film yet.

We'll get there one day, but not if we keep following the design path we've been using - which looks like a child drew a character, put that drawing in a blender, flushed it down the toilet, and then showed his paint covered hands to someone. That difference between said child's hands and the original design is still less than in these movies.

For a more surreal example, Picasso was a fantastic painter - one who took beautiful images we've all seen before skewing them so deeply, so wonderfully, they don't resemble the original. And yet somehow, they do. None of these are at all like that. These are more like chewing up a steak, spitting it on someone's plate and claiming it's a burger.

All of these designs seem like the creators were dared to create something completely different than the original, and then convince their bosses, "Na, the fans will love it! It's the same person!"


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