10 Intrusions From The Cthulhu Mythos Into Cinema

10. Cast A Deadly Spell

Cast A Deadly Spell In a certain sense Lovecraft's works are invested with an element of biography and many of his protagonists are thinly veiled masks of their creator. This has lead many to speculate whether certain other elements of his works are entirely fictitious as well. With that sense of blurring between fact and fiction in mind we come to the first of this lists movies to actually feature a fictionalised version of Lovecraft himself as a protagonist. Beyond this and the inclusion of various mythos elements the links are somewhat tenuous. The beauty of this movie however lies in their use and the movies overall execution. The movie's narrative is essentially detective mystery in the noir style, the Lovecraftian twist beyond it's protagonist's name is the setting. Echoing the author's staunch atheism the character is alone in his rejection of magic in a world filled with the magical and supernatural. Cast a Deadly Spell is also the first film in our list to feature horror stalwart; David Warner. Warner appears alongside Clancy Brown, Fred Ward and a young Julianne Moore in a film that, like Lovecraft, has a dedicated cult following but is deserving of so much more.

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