10 Last-Minute Replacements If Ben Affleck Quits The Batman

9. Eric Bana

karl urban batman
Working Title Films

Eric Bana may not have secured the A-list stardom that many were predicting for him a decade ago, the Australian actor remains a talented and versatile screen presence that would be more than capable of convincing as both a billionaire playboy and a costumed crime-fighter.

It is Bana's adaptability that would make him a solid dark horse candidate for the role of Batman; the 48 year-old has worked in almost every imaginable genre from historical epics to romantic comedy via sci-fi and horror and while his movies are very often hit-or-miss, he always gives 100% to his performances.

While the dark, brooding, intimidating nature of Batman and the charm and confidence of Bruce Wayne are both well within his wheelhouse as an actor, Bana seems much more content these days to play supporting roles in big-budget blockbusters as opposed to having his name on the marquee.


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