10 Major Issues Surrounding The Justice League Movie

3. Is Zack Snyder The Right Man For The Job?

Zack Snyder is one of the most commercially successful directors working today, proven by the fact that his six features have earned well over $1.5bn at the box office. As a director he has a very distinct visual style, but his career has been dogged by claims that his work is all style and no substance. With a project as complex as Justice League, will Snyder be able to pull off the mix of ensemble feature, superhero movie and summer blockbuster without losing sight of the characters? I'm not so sure. Credit where credit is due; Snyder is one of the best visual directors working in Hollywood today. However, great scripts and character development aren't usually associated with his work. That being said, he is much better at adapting existing materials than creating his own projects as evidenced by the vitriolic critical and commercial reception to Sucker Punch. Although it seems increasingly likely than Ben Affleck will direct the next solo Batman movie, Zack Snyder is currently the only man behind the camera when it comes to the DC Cinematic Universe. Although that brings some consistency, it could also see things becoming stale and repetitive. While Man of Steel was undeniably spectacular when it came to the action scenes, the movie tended to fall flat when it came to the smaller moments. Too many characters were painfully one-dimensional, with woefully underdeveloped relationships and interactions. Snyder will no doubt acquit himself well when it comes to the action, but his ability to handle the more intimate moments will be under more intense scrutiny than ever as Batman vs Superman and then Justice League increase the number of characters and the increasingly complicated relationships between them.

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