10 Massive Unanswered Movie Mysteries (That Were Actually Solved)

1. How Do You Use The Three Seashells? - Demolition Man

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Even back in 1993 Stallone was making jokes about being too old for the action genre, starring with the cult gem Demolition Man. He plays a cop who wakes up forty years into the future to find a nightmare world where people are happy, and everyone is polite to each other (*shudder*).

He has to track down Wesley Snipes' evil criminal, while coming to grips with this twisted future. One of his first problems is bathroom etiquette; he takes care of business, only to find no toilet paper and a shelf with three seashells on it. He asks how they’re used, only to get laughed at. The movie never reveals how they work, but fans have always wondered.

Stallone himself answered this question in a Q&A in 2006, revealing two shells are held like chopsticks and used to grip and scrape what’s there. The reminder is scooped with the third shell.

The future is weird.

Can you think of any other movie mysteries that were eventually revealed? Share them with us in the comments below.


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