10 MCU Leaks That Just Might Be True

Some people thought the MCU was finished after Endgame. In reality, it's just getting started.


The internet is no stranger to people voicing their concerns. Some "concerns" are just borderline stupidity, like, "The PC agenda will kill Marvel!". Other concerns, however, are more valid, like, "Will the absence of Iron Man and Captain America diminish the draw of the MCU?"

Sitting somewhere between stupid and reasonable is this line: "After Endgame, there's really not much to look forward to."

On one hand, that sentence makes sense. Marvel had been building up to Endgame for a decade, and therefore, a decade's worth of themes, storylines, and character arcs reached their inevitable crescendo. With that gone, something is missing.

On the other hand, Marvel hasn't even gotten close to running its well dry. Endgame was an event. Sure, it was an event that audiences had been looking forward to for ten years, but at the end of the day, it was just an event. There are more events that the MCU can - and will - build up to, and there are new, exciting, iconic characters yet to be introduced.

According to leaker Roger Wardell, there are some very exciting things in the pipe. He's accurately leaked some VERY specific Endgame information on his Twitter, @RogerWardell, which went dark in June 2019. A new Twitter page, @WardellRoger, has recently started leaking more info, none of which has been verified yet. Full disclosure: the second account could very well be a copycat, so this list will specify the source of each entry.


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