10 MCU Phase 4 Rumours That Could Change Everything

Are mutants coming sooner than we think?

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Barring a huge surprise with Spider-Man 3, we can now pretty confidently say we know the lay of the land for Marvel's forthcoming Phase 4. After the full-stops and ended arcs of the Infinity Saga, we're now standing on the edge of a new dawn with new characters, new worlds and whole new storylines.

Inevitably, that also means we'll face a whole new world of rumours, speculation and fan theories as the ever-increasing MCU fandom look to fill in the gap before Black Widow kicks off another round of Marvel releases.

As ever, it's important to engage with these rumours and assess whether they might be possible, but there are some very exciting ones that have already broken that really could be game-changing for the MCU if they prove to be correct...

10. Thor: Love & Thunder Is Mostly Set In Space

Peter Dinklage Eitri Avengers Infinity War
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According to one of those always-entertaining 4Chan "leaks", there's now a suggestion that 95% of Taika Waititi's Thor: Love And Thunder will take place in space. That's despite the way Endgame set up New Asgard and Tessa Thompson talking about Valkyrie finding her queen. Presumably, she'll be leaving Asgard if that's her plan.

On top of all of that, the rumour goes on that Peter Dinklage will return as Eitri, which might explain how we end up with a new Mjolnir rather than it being stolen back from the past, Chris Pratt will appear briefly (which makes sense since Thor is off with the Guardians currently) and Waititi is looking at casting both Ryan Gosling and Finn Wolfhard in mysterious roles.

Considering we all probably thought Thor 4 would be set in the New Asgard and continue the settlement story, this jaunt back to space is potentially a game-changer.

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