10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Captain Jack Sparrow

9. He First Commanded A Pirate Ship As A Teenager

Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp

Jack has always dreamt of being a ship captain since he was a kid. Jack got tired of waiting for his father to give him command and so decided to escape Shipwreck Island in the hopes of having adventures of his own. His search for treasure led him to Tortuga where he started a new quest. There, Jck mistakenly retrieved a sack of his belongings for a different one that contained the scabbard of the Sword of Cortés instead.

This sparked the first adventure of Jack Sparrow, searching for the Sword of Cortés. This sword had the power to turn a normal boat into a formidable warship, which was the dream ship of any pirate back then. He was accompanied by a rag-tag crew of young pirates aboard an abandoned fishing boat that they acquired and turned into a pirate vessel named the “Barnacle”.

Jack took command of the Barnacle and used her in many adventures until it was destroyed by the British Royal Navy by cannon fire that was supposed to be meant for his father’s ship, breaking Jack’s heart.


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