10 MORE Actors Who Played Multiple Roles In The MCU

These actors appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than you realised.

Thor Ragnarok
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After over a decade, it feels like nearly every performer on the planet has appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some capacity. The way things are going, it feels like the MCU is gonna run out of fresh faces! But in a way, they already have. Sometimes, the higher-ups at Marvel are so impressed with an actor's performance, they will ask them to return in a completely different role.

Benedict Cumberbatch played Doctor Strange and Dormammu. Laura Haddock popped up as Star Lord's mother and a Captain America fanatic. Sean Gunn portrayed Kraglin and provided the motion-capture for Rocket.

Even though we have looked at actors performing duel roles in the MCU before, there's a couple that were missed. You mightn't have realised these guys showed up again because they were in a Netflix show that you skipped. Even if you've seen every series, movie, and short film connected to the MCU, you probably didn't clock some actors performing double duty because one of the parts was hidden with CGI of prosthetics.

You may have noticed some of these actors playing multiple roles, but there's no way you spotted all of them.

10. Jon Favreau

Thor Ragnarok

For many years, Harold "Happy" Hogan has served as Tony Stark's personal bodyguard and chauffeur. He's not particularly good at the whole 'bodyguard' thing but Stark keeps him around since they've been friends for years.

It's common knowledge that the actor portraying Happy, Jon Favreau, was the director of Iron Man. Since the Emmy-nominated filmmaker is responsible for kicking off the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are eternally grateful to Favreau for bringing so many of our favourite comic characters to life.

However, few people realise that the New York director also played the most important character in the entire MCU - Iron Man! Even though it's impossible to see anyone portraying the Armoured Avenger apart from Robert Downey Jr, the director performed the motion-capture for him in the first two Iron Man films. Being the director, Favreau knew exactly how he wanted the wise-cracking superhero to move in certain shots and so, performed the motions himself when Downey Jr wasn't available.

Even though Jon Favreau will always be seen as Happy Hogan, no one can take away thee fact that he has technically portrayed a superhero.

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