10 More Awful Times Movie Actors Were Combined With CGI

Who knew cats could look so horrifying?

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Whereas a decade ago, when the "gritty reboot" reigned supreme - with films like Casino Royale and Batman Begins leaning heavily on the practical effects - the films of today rely on the digital side of things a lot more, partly thanks to movies like Avatar showcasing the unrivalled potential of CGI and motion capture.

And with visual effects becoming a bigger and bigger part of the movies we watch, they're turning into one of the key points of discussion when critiquing our entertainment.

In most cases, these effects are just another normal part of the film and slot seamlessly into the whole package, standing out as neither bad nor great. But occasionally, they can prove to be a huge distraction - and not in the good way.

Yes, bad CGI is frustratingly common, and not a year goes by without another couple of examples standing out. Sometimes these issues can be overlooked, but when duff visual effects are combined with a recognisable actor? Not only is the meme potential off the charts, but there's just something extra unsettling about seeing a familiar face butchered by some Microsoft Paint-level computer skills.

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