10 More Awful Times Movie Actors Were Combined With CGI

10. Cara Delevingne - Suicide Squad

Warner Bros.

The quality of Suicide Squad's Enchantress CGI is a tale of two halves. On the one hand, the character looks appropriately spooky when she transforms into a pitch black demon-type figure with those piercing orange eyes, but when she's in her "default" magical sorceress mode, she looks like an absolute mess.

One of the issues here is that there are too many digital touch-ups being applied to Delevingne's body. Not only is her headdress a visual effect, but her bra, dress, tattoos, and pretty much the entire costume appear to be as well, and that's in addition to the flowing blue smoke seeping out of her shoulders. All this CGI draws attention to the very real human face stuck in the middle of the shot, a contrast that serves to remind you that the supposed "threat" you're looking at isn't actually there.

Another issue lies with the CGI's place in the film. It's an overused term at this point, but Suicide Squad is quite gritty. It takes place in filthy city backstreets, prisons, clubs, warehouses; all normal, unimpressive locales. But then, in comes this giant blob of otherworldly goop that feels completely out of step with the rest of the movie's tone and aesthetic. It doesn't fit in the slightest.

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