10 More Movies That Cleverly START With Huge Twists

These movies didn't save their big rug-pull for the end.

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A killer plot twist can be the cherry on top of a good movie, elevating it to greatness and ensuring that you immediately want to rewatch it from the beginning in order to observe it through an entirely new context. But every so often, filmmakers might decide to cast convention aside and blindside viewers with a plot twist early on - right at the beginning, in fact.

It's a bold, risky movie given that general audiences enjoy the conventions of formulaic storytelling, but when it works, it really works. And so, following up our previous 10 Movies That Cleverly START With Huge Twists, we come to 10 more movies which quite bravely kicked off with an expectation-defying plot twist which totally changed the game for the remainder.

These twists tinkered with a series' predictable formula, betrayed the movie's sly marketing campaign, and simply changed things up in ways that few could've ever expected.

Each of these twists left viewers both shocked at the audacity and excited by the creative possibilities they presented, that the filmmakers were going to offer up anything but an ordinary, by-the-numbers experience...

10. Scream VI

The Hunt Justin Hartley

Scream VI, for all of its third act misgivings, totally detonated fan expectations in its opening 10 minutes by doing the one thing nobody ever expected - unmasking one of its Ghostface killers right away.

Rather than merely open with a grisly kill scene per the series' formula, the murder of film teacher Laura Crane (Samara Weaving) is immediately followed by Ghostface removing their mask, revealing them to be one of Crane's young students, Jason (Tony Revolori).

Just six minutes in, we have a Ghostface identity confirmed, and to twist the knife further, it's then confirmed that he's a college friend of Tara's (Jenna Ortega). And there's one final twist to come before the titles - Jason returns to his apartment, only to discover that his fellow Ghostface copycat Greg has been murdered, at which point one of the movie's real Ghostface killers promptly emerges and kills him.

Even though Jason's tenure in the film was short-lived, this scene nevertheless saw the franchise finally toy around with its well-trod intro formula, and do so without getting excessively cutesy and meta about it (looking at you, Scream 4).

It was, somewhat ironically for a series defined by its clever third act sleights of hand, an infinitely superior reveal to the unmasking of the main killers at the end of the movie.

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