10 More Movies Where The Reshoots Were Painfully Obvious

"Of course nobody will notice, Mr Jackman..."

X2 Hugh Jackman

Reshoots are just a part of business in Hollywood, and though for a time the mere utterance of the word implied a production that was in deep trouble, they're actually totally routine and baked-in to the schedules of most major blockbuster movies.

But it's also fair to say that extensive reshoots can signal a film running off the rails, and that not all filmmakers handle pick-up photography with quite the same grace or care.

With that in mind, these 10 movies all failed to convincingly massage their reshot material into the whole, ensuring it totally stuck out like a sore thumb.

In some cases this might've been something as simple as an amusing continuity error, while in others it was a jarring subplot, a cast member's altered physical appearance, and in perhaps its all-time worst case, an actor whose lower-jaw had to be entirely reconstituted via CGI "wizardry."

Whether it tanked the movie or is just a cute eccentricity we can all laugh at and forget about, not one of these films bothered to paper over the cracks sufficiently, exposing their own reshot material for audiences to see, whether they were really looking for it or not...

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